IT Infrastructure

Highly Skilled Engineers
To Support your IT Infrastructure.

Software Support

As we know without Software there is no use of your Computer We have a team of Software Support Engineers who have excellent knowledge of Application and System software’s and provide support an all those software which are necessary for your business. Anytime if you are facing problem with your software, office application is not working properly or your system is running slow Just call to MtechWorld and our Experts will solve all software related issues instantly. We have onsite and Remote Desktop Service Engineer.

Hardware Support

Computer Hardware Support Service provider in New Delhi India. MtechWorld is located at west Patel Nagar and providing Computer Hardware Support to large number of business located in New Delhi and NCR. We have a team of well skilled and professional Engineers. Who analyses different type of problems of your Computer and rectify it very professionally on time to decrease your downtime. We also provide Hardware up gradation H/W, Troubleshooting H/W, Repairing Periodic Services, New Installation, Data Recovery etc.

Network Solutions

MtechWorld provides you complete networking solutions. Customers should be able to focus on their core business, not their technology. That’s why we take the time to fully understand your business and accompanying technological needs so we can provide custom tailored solutions that meet your specific business. We pride ourselves on creating cost effective solutions, not just delivering a technology. Our aim is to always offer the highest possible standard of service, and we do that by giving you our undivided attention whenever you need us. 

Wifi Solutions

MtechWorld provides you a fully managed solution with support, backed with full network monitoring and management. Nowadays each one of us utilizes multiple mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and a variety of smart phones. These devices have driven the ever-increasing need for limitless high-speed and secure connectivity. The need for ever-growing bandwidth has placed the Wi-Fi network at the core of every business service. We provides it for in-house solutions and a managed office solutions. We provides this service in Delhi and NCR

EPBAX Systems

This is a business phone system for office communications. It serves a particular business or office, as opposed to one that a common carrier or telephone company operates for many businesses or for the general public. EPBAX system is a mini exchange in which you can input 2/3/more telephone lines and can take out so many outputs. This feature depends upon the model that you choose. It means a single telephone in your desk (just an example) can be connected to any input line by simply pressing a particular number button.

CCTV Solutions

MtechWorld provides you a CCTV Camera security. Here we will provide you a complete CCTV security, Access Controller and Door Contoller from installation to activation and maintenance. CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. Nowadays the need for CCTV security is maintaining perimeter security in medium- to high-secure areas and installations, traffic monitoring, Building and grounds security, obtaining a visual record of activities in situations where it is necessary to maintain proper security or access controls.

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